We are Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick and Michael Emberley, two children’s writers and illustrators. We met at a children’s literature conference in Frostburg, Maryland, 2007, and married in Boston in 2008. We currently live in Wicklow, Ireland.

Welcome to our blog – a blog in two voices. It’s about all things children’s literature – writing books, making book art, and being two creative people in the same house. We both love traveling and history, so some of each will creep in from time to time. We aim to keep our posts short on words and big on visuals, and we mean to post about once a week, but expect occasional lapses and flurries…

The Belugas? Michael’s folks gave us the beautiful mama beluga and her calf last year and now they sit watching us from a bookshelf as we work.

The belugas, created by Uttukikiulu, Spence Bay

All photos/illustrations/videos on this site are © Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick & Michael Emberley unless otherwise stated

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