Michael Emberley

I grew up in the northeastern U.S., in a little wooden house near the sea, surrounded by a family of award-winning children’s book creators. The house was always filled with plenty of art supplies, hundreds of books and more bicycles than anyone would ever need. Once in a while, I’d draw a picture. One day, someone paid me money for one of those pictures. So that was my job for the next 35 years.

I recently changed my life completely by moving to Ireland. I now live in a much smaller house, but still near the sea. It’s filled with lots of art supplies in the upstairs bedroom, stacks of books in the hall, and 14 bicycles in the kitchen. I share the house with a very understanding woman, the award-winning children’s book author and illustrator, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick. Oh, and I still draw a picture now and then.

I guess things have not changed all that much.

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All photos/illustrations/videos on this site are © Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick & Michael Emberley unless otherwise stated

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