Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick


I am a writer/illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. My first three picture books were created in my spare time and they took me all of ten years. Real work was a ragbag of stints as a graphic design assistant, an illustrator of love stories in women’s mags, a damp spell selling paintings on the railings of Merrion Square, a million-zillion illustrations for school text books, plus quite a few years as a part-time art teacher.

I went full-time as a children’s author/illustrator in 2000 and began writing novels in 2006.

I love dogs, chocolate, travel and history – pretty much in that order – but mostly I like to write and draw. The trick is finding projects that include the whole shebang!

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All photos/illustrations/videos on this site are © Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick unless otherwise stated

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