Teeny Tiny Ting



I spotted this tiny handmade book necklace online; I thought it would be nice to wear to book events. When it arrived and I held it in my hand, it occurred to me I could actually draw tiny pictures in it…I drew one and got Michael to draw a couple. When the Emberleys were visiting I asked Ed and Rebecca to add something. Since then I’ve asked several  illustrator friends to draw in it, so now its pages are almost filled with teeny illustrations.

Everyone I ask has the same reaction. They stop – blink – think! It takes a bit of refocusing and mental rescaling to draw something on this tiny canvas.

I was cheeky enough to ask Jim Kay and Mo Willems to draw in it when I attended talks they gave and have every intention of being cheeky a few more times until every page is illustrated – there are a few Irish illustrators I’ve yet to nab. My little necklace has become a favourite treasure – here are some of the images. Look how HUGE my fingers are; these are TINY images!

You can click on any illustration for a larger image, then scroll/click on side to look at the next one, and illustrator’s name should appear too.

All these little illustrations are reproduced with permission and are © of named illustrator.

4 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Ting

  1. What a fantastic idea! I just love it! When I saw PJ’s link my first thought was ‘Who made the BOOK?!’ This kind of idea could be used for all sorts of things and not just illustrators. You know, the value of this little book is priceless! Well done. Glad to have discovered your book! 🙂 Kate


    • Hi Kate, There’s a link to the folk who make them- click on words ‘handmade book necklace online’ in opening sentence and it will take you there. They are called Peg and Awl. Yes, they could be used for all kinds of things…and they are very lovely wee things just as they are too! Cheers!
      Sure, I’ll put the link here as well: http://pegandawlbuilt.com/


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