Links for Picturebook Makers

Following up the last post – Dear First-time Picturebook Author –  here are the links I promised. 

Great tips from the experts:

Joyce Dunbar

Mem Fox  and then clink on the articles underneath- Quick and Snappy, 20 dos and don’ts, Even more Advice

Malachy Doyle on how not to write a picture book

Lots of writers give their thoughts on picturebooks to Marilyn Singer:

Emma Blackburn, Bloomsbury:


On writing in rhyme:                                                                                                      and


If you live in Ireland:

Children’s Books Ireland is a great source for info/links and conferences on writing for children:

SCBWI Ireland is a branch of the huge international organisation. They run courses, conferences etc.


A useful book:

The Children’s Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook. It lists publishers and agents and also has articles on various writerly things. This year’s should be in your local library.



Tips for Dummies

Why are there 32 pages in most picturebooks? Here’s an explanation:


B/W photo © Róisín White

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