There be Bears…


The seafront in our town was over-run with bears yesterday. Big ones, little ones, new, old, sparkly and plain. All in a good cause, the Caroline Foundation. An attempt was made on the Guinness Book record for a teddy bear chain but it had already been soundly broken a couple of days ago in the UK. Still, nearly 6000 bears lined up, money was donated to the charity, and afterwards the village was full of adults and kids clutching teddy bears. What’s not to like about that?

This guy definitely wins the ‘most loved bear’ award! No nose, hardly a tuft of fur, and his tummy is taped up.

Some other favourites…

This lot prove uniformity is scary, even in teddy bears…


The whole thing was breaking up as we arrived and it was hard not to become anxious about much loved toys left on the roadside waiting to be reclaimed. What if it rained? What if someone drove over them? What if someone took SOMEONE ELSE’S BEAR????


Why, it was almost unbearable…

The Caroline Foundation is a charity set up to support cancer research –

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