RTÉ Jr, in the House


RTÉ Jr (Irish national TV broadcaster,  children’s channel) came to the house today to film. They are making loads of one minute segments to go out this summer and next, and they asked me to do some quick drawing for them. Thankfully I didn’t have to actually hit the one minute target on the images, though I did come close once or twice! I drew various animals – dog, elephant, gorilla etc. and they’ll slice and splice and get the ten pieces down to the required length.

Filming took place in our studio, which is actually our second bedroom, so space was, er, tight! Cormac operated one camera from the ensuite and Danny the soundman was banished to the landing.

The crew assured us that this was not the smallest space they’ve worked in. Cormac said he worked on a scene for Fair City (Irish soap) last week in a smaller space, with seven actors. It wasn’t even his first time filming in a loo – he shot an interview with Franz Ferdinand in one!

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