The Inevitable Electric Picnic Post




Children’s Books Ireland and our Laureate na nÓg went to Electric Picnic this year and they invited us along. Eoin Colfer’s laureate project is a fab new collection of short stories and poems, all set in Ireland and called Once Upon a Place. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a story and excited to be invited along to Electric Picnic (Ireland’s biggest arts & music fest) to chat about it with a load of other contributors. PJ Lynch, Enda Wyley, Siobhán Parkinson (who edited/published), Patricia Forde, and Eoin Colfer, are all in the top photo, and Oisín McGann, Sarah Webb, myself, Roddy Doyle, and Patricia again, are in the second shot.

Two days equalled two morning gigs inside the Literary Stage tent. Meanwhile outside Michael and Steve McCarthy were busy running Monster Doodles…

Inbetween gigs ourselves and our friend and fellow author, Sarah (Sarah Webb, author of Amy Green, The Songbird Cafe Girls), were free to roam and people watch…

…check out the art installations…

…Michael and myself had our vows blessed by Elvis at the Electric Chapel, with Sarah as witness/photographer…

…oh, and we did catch a little music.

Once Upon a Place is due out in October 2015:

Click for info on Children’s Books Ireland and Laureate na nÓg

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