Canada – the Moncton Album

The first of three photo albums from my trip to Canada representing Irish children’s lit with Deirdre Sullivan, Óisín McGann and Dave Rudden. First CBI sent us to the Frye Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick  (for more info, roll over or click on an image)

We spent four lovely days with the folk at the Frye Festival but then we made the mistake of going to Magnetic Hill…

Magnetic Hill is drawing us away…

2 thoughts on “Canada – the Moncton Album

  1. Looks like a great trip! I have been to the Bay of Fundy, but must have been one of the seasons that surfers avoid. Me: I would avoid surfing there in all seasons! Hello to hubby Mike.


    • Surfers surf this one wave inland along the river, Peggy. They only do it when it’s a very high tide. It was rather small when we saw it. Apparently a dam they built in the sixties messed it up but it’s coming back now the dam is gone and nature reasserts itself.


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