In Ed Emberley’s Studio

DSCF0891 DSCF0967We’re in the US for a fairly long visit. Both of us need to get some work done while we’re here and Ed has kindly lent us his studio spaces. Top photo is Michael at work in Ed’s computer room, bottom photo is me sketching in Ed’s studio, snow on the ground outside. Both rooms were Michael’s bedroom at some point in his childhood!

Ed has worked in this house for over fifty years creating some of his most famous books and like all visual artists he has surrounded himself with stuff – images, books,  items which interest him, tools of the trade. The photos below will give you a taste of the space – watch out for a couple of family photos lurking in the background, Ed Emberley originals, and a sketch from another famous illustrator.

Fab new book out on Ed Emberley’s art -link here: