Streetcar Bouquet

The Belugas are Watching 1This bouquet of colour is all from one source – a streetcar in Brooklyn which has definitely reached the end of the line. As the paint peels and rust blooms its surface has become a beautiful abstract of grey-blues, pinks, mauves, with splashes of wine-stain red. If ever I want to paint poignancy, these will be the colours I reach for.

In one picture you’ll find a message, a declaration of love part scratched, part written into the paint. Is it the work of two hands? If so, which bit was written first – the half-hearted or the effusive? The resulting equivocation seems at one with the colours of this vehicle which once traversed the city and now sits decaying into an accidental art piece .

A click will give you a large version of each photo – including the one with the message.

On Friday, a stone bouquet

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