Stone Bouquet



It’s hard to visit a Wicklow beach without coming home with pockets full of stones! The colours and patterns are so lovely. Have close look at these groupings – click & scroll on for larger images – some of the pinks and oranges and blues are just stunning.


And sometimes the shape is what catches your eye…


Streetcar Bouquet

The Belugas are Watching 1This bouquet of colour is all from one source – a streetcar in Brooklyn which has definitely reached the end of the line. As the paint peels and rust blooms its surface has become a beautiful abstract of grey-blues, pinks, mauves, with splashes of wine-stain red. If ever I want to paint poignancy, these will be the colours I reach for.

In one picture you’ll find a message, a declaration of love part scratched, part written into the paint. Is it the work of two hands? If so, which bit was written first – the half-hearted or the effusive? The resulting equivocation seems at one with the colours of this vehicle which once traversed the city and now sits decaying into an accidental art piece .

A click will give you a large version of each photo – including the one with the message.

On Friday, a stone bouquet