London Street Art


‘That’s a Bansky,’ I said.

‘Nah’ said Ann and Michael. ‘Can’t be…’

‘I think it is,’ I said.

‘What makes you think that?’

‘Dunno. Looks familiar. Maybe it isn’t.’

Then we noticed there was perspex protecting the piece. Which is kinda ironic, given the message – ‘IF GRAFFITI CHANGED ANYTHING -IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL’. The image – which apparently appeared in Fitzrovia in  2011– has attracted further graffiti, including the badly placed ‘VERY.’ and a sarcastic exchange about said perspex.

The selection of spectacular street art below is stuff we came across in Spitalfields, well worth clicking on to get bigger images.

Below are pieces, old and new, from various places around the city.

2 thoughts on “London Street Art

  1. That was a wonderful day! I loved all that Spitalfieds street art. And thank you for posting the “bakers” shot. I remember wanting you to take it because my phone battery had run down…….


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