Looking for Geraldine 2


Now that I’ve found her, I take a walk around her.

I’ve been sketching Geraldine to become familiar with her, checking how she looks in profile, three quarter face, cross, sad, happy. Next I need to find her a pair of hipster parents and one pesky baby brother…

Looking for Geraldine


I’m finally getting close to making up a dummy of a ‘new’ picturebook idea. I say new because I haven’t  spoken of/shown it to anyone yet; ‘new’ in italics because I got the idea about two years ago. I have plenty of scribbles and early versions of text which I’ve messed around with from time to time, so I’m ready to get straight into the dummy when I have a free week to do it.

But first I have to figure out exactly what my little heroine looks like, so, right now, I’m looking for Geraldine…